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Training and Exercises
Proven training systems confirm courses of action taken by your team in an escalating critical event.

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One of our largest universitiesí crisis management teams responded rapidly to a shooting on campus. The Team Leader said in the national media the next day: "We had a crisis management exercise of something similar to this about three months ago, which actually helped us through all of this..."

RCA delivers best practice crisis management and recovery training focused on performance preparedness improvement. We never train by rote. Crisis and emergency team members and their supports develop a real-life perception of their roles and responsibilities through exposure to real pressures during workshops and simulations. Individuals become desensitised to the stress of an actual crisis so they can respond and control rapidly.

Specialist consultants facilitate and motivate through real case studies, experience in the field, and depth of understanding across incident, emergency and crisis management.

Our performance-based crisis training includes:

  • Crisis and emergency management workshops and seminars
  • Desktop crisis exercises and crisis simulations
  • Full-scale crisis exercises
  • Human Resources crisis management workshops
  • Family, victim and injuries support workshops
  • CEO and Board briefings
  • Business continuity and recovery workshops
  • Trauma control training
  • Next of kin notification training
  • Advanced leadership training
  • Crisis media and press conference training
  • Call centre control training
  • Receptionist and front-of-house security training
  • Commercial and legal services workshop
  • TP6 and terrorism critical infrastructure training/exercises
  • Product recall response training
  • Government affairs workshops
  • Police, fire and ambulance interface workshops
  • Crisis management and recovery specialist seminars