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Preventing and managing corporate crises
by Ross Campbell

(Published by Penguin)

"No organisation, board or chief executive can afford not to have a crisis management and recovery plan in place. Ross Campbell provides a brilliant, lucid and readable account of all aspects of crisis management planning and recovery. Practical, proven solutions are offered to a wide range of critical situations."

Professor John Rickard
Vice Chancellor
Southern Cross University

"Crisis Control is about protecting the future. The book offers a commonsense practical approach to achieving this. It provides a clear message for corporate survival in the event of disaster."

Rod Sullivan
Aerodrome Operation Support

"Crisis Control takes a bluntly realistic view of people management in a crisis. For HR and business managers who have to consider more than their fair share of risk management, this book is essential reading."

Human Resources magazine book review

Crisis Control by Ross Campbell gives managers tried and tested solutions for better crisis management.

Crisis Control helps you anticipate and control crisis situations. It shows how to develop contingency plans in line with organisational policies, and quickly identifies methods of developing checklists and systems.

Training, testing and maintenance of the program are outlined as a strategic process.

Crisis Control provides a variety of responses for managers who have to create a crisis action plan for large numbers of stakeholders, including employees, victims, financial markets, political leaders, bureaucrats, international affiliates, shareholders and of course, the media.