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The most experienced strategic crisis management consultancy in Australia.

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Clients have seen us work with them before, during and after real events to minimise risk, protect people and assets. In plant explosions, multiple fatalities, transport accidents, environmental mega-damage, management failures, financial collapse, food and product recall, class action and many more.

Thousands of crisis simulations have given us the experience to share world's best practice response processes. Our comprehensive audits and post-incident reviews continue to offer a huge database providing maximum support to on-site operational teams, senior management and Board.

Specialist projects include:

  • Building and testing global crisis plans for three of the world's largest mining companies.
  • Training over 500 CEOs, Managing Directors and senior leaders in crisis leadership.
  • Testing thousands of factories, plants and operational sites in 24 countries in crisis response.
  • Providing crisis investigation and strategic gap analysis for massive power failure.
  • Activating global crisis product tampering response for major pharmaceutical company.
  • Writing and testing crisis management plans for three global car manufacturers.
  • In the Antarctic, providing response and planning for five nations' integrated crisis planning.
  • Conducting crisis exercises in over 30 airports and sea ports.
  • Validating critical transport infrastructure crisis response to counter-terrorism.
  • Facilitating on-going critical incident management planning and training for major Australian universities.
  • Providing incident response and support to a global epidemic.
  • Providing plans and testing for Australian and international defence organisations.
  • On-the-spot strategy and response in the evacuation of a global corporation during civil unrest.
  • Response and immediate support to armed intrusion on international exploration sites.
  • Conducting international banking scenario exercises to test critical financial systems.

Client references are available on request.  All our consulting projects are treated as highly confidential.